All that is and all that ever will be
Wrapped in warmth and held close to heart
Openness comes with placid curiosity
A deep sense of calm is only the start

When night falls and dawn awakens
Spirits move freely across the land
Left behind is only their wish for us
To let love reign wherever we stand

What is to be of those who have forgotten?
Willingly turning their eyes the other way
We hope for better times
Times where joy is spread thick and love fills the day

Never to be is the anguish we feel inside
Locking it away until we are able to confide
Hoping that all will be as it should
Knowing we have done all that we could

Peace and joy and hope I grant to you
Hoping you open yourself to all that is new
Always in reverence pay your respects
For life holds mysteries you won’t soon forget

- – -
Written by Charles Weatherhead
July 10, 2001