Sweetness took her stand.

“I will not interfere with such matters.  I might make it worse!”

Honor laughed at her and replied, “That’s nonsense!  The poor thing won’t take offense, just delight in the fact.  Besides, it’s the right thing to do.”

With that said, Love felt obliged to give his input.  “Sweetness has justified worries.  Honor, I know deep down you want everyone to be happy and feel that this is the only way.  I ask only one favor of you before you set out to do what you want to do.”

“Name it.”

“I ask that you meet with Courage before you totally ignore Sweetness.”

“Well…if you insist.”

With that said, Honor sought out to find Courage.  While he was searching for her, he kept remembering what Sweetness had said.  “I will not interfere with such matters,” she had claimed.  “I might make it worse!”  Honor always felt that Sweetness was lacking in the confidence department, but was always reminded by Love that Sweetness could go a long way.  Well, Honor thought, so could he.

It didn’t take Courage long to find Honor sulking around Soul Valley, obviously deep in thought.

“Anything I can help you with?” Courage asked.  The beginnings of a smirk were already starting to form on her wise face.

“Ah!  There you are.  Actually, yes.  Love has sent me to discuss with you a dispute Sweetness and I am having.  It is of the utmost importance.”

“Pray tell.  I’m already anxious to help.”

And so Honor dutifully went on describing to Courage in detail the events that had unfolded, which ultimately led to the conversation they were having at that moment.

“Well, I must admit, you’ve got quite a problem on your hands,” Courage proclaimed.

“I cannot lie and say I’d do it without you,” Honor confessed.

“Here’s how I see it…Sweetness is worried and concerned that she might hurt you if she helps you?”

“I suppose,” Honor said.  A frown was already starting to form on his noble face.

“And Love feels that you need Sweetness in order to do what you set out to do.”

“You could say that,” Honor reluctantly stated.  His frown only deepened.

“You’ve put me in quite a predicament,” proclaimed Courage.  “I agree with you and sympathize with Sweetness at the same time.  I think that Love’s way of thinking is sound on this matter.  I also think you’ll agree with me when I say Sweetness could only help.  I think you should listen to Sweetness and talk with her first before you make your move.”

In the end, Courage persuaded Honor to do just that.  Honor and Sweetness finally came to a compromise they both could agree upon.


Coll finally opened his eyes.  He sighed deeply.  Why was this always so hard for him to do?  He cursed himself the entire time it took him to reach his destination.  With his nerves still wrapped firmly around his heart, he slowly took a deep breath and did what he came to do.

“Excuse me, Melissa, but may I have this dance?”

- – -

Written by Charles Weatherhead
June 13, 2001